Jim Shoulak

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A songwriter for 40+ years, Jim’s released 4 albums and championed causes thru his music. He writes in the folk / folk-rock genres about a variety of topics.
His life, theology and convictions have been shaped by other folk singers, prophets and change-makers. He tries to live out Franciscan ideals: raising awareness of social issues and confronting incidents of injustice. As a lyricist, Jim’s always had a deep insight into people’s hearts and lives.
On his recent album “Stayin' Focused,” love songs and lighthearted ditties mingle among tunes calling attention to human rights and social justice causes. It includes songs for the victims of domestic violence and child sexual abuse; and commentaries on same-sex relationships, politicians, loneliness, and war.
It's been said: “[Jim's] music may be easy listening, but his lyrics? Not always.”
A semi-retired Episcopal deacon, Jim also makes wood and metal crafts, serves as a chaplain, and manages the family hobby farm.