Play It Forward Music, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission of empowering musicians and fans to make the world a better place. Specifically, PlayItForward.com is a website where artists support non-profit organizations by selling their music in exchange for charitable donations. Although we primarily distribute music, we encourage the submission of all forms of original audio recordings including spoken word, slam poetry, stand-up comedy, guided meditations, etc.

The Play It Forward model benefits everyone. Musicians gain exposure and sell more songs by supporting causes. Fans make a positive impact while purchasing music they enjoy. Charities benefit from the funds raised through the website.

Musicians create. Fans donate. Charities benefit. Everyone wins.

How It Works

  1. Artists choose any 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to support
  2. Artists upload original music/audio projects to fundraise for their chosen charity
  3. Fans purchase the projects...and 100% of the project proceeds go to the artist's chosen charity
  4. Artists & fans "Play It Forward" by sharing projects on social media to spread the word

Payment Processing Fees

Although Play It Forward is a 100% free service, it is important to understand that payment processing fees are deducted from all donations made on the site. Processing fees are standard for all fundraising sites, online merchants, and non-profit websites where donations are made.

Play It Forward utilizes Stripe, a payment processor that offers discounted rates for non-profit organizations. We use Stripe to guarantee a safe transfer of funds while incurring the lowest processing fees available.

For example, when someone donates $100 through a fundraiser on Play It Forward, the total donated to the charity would be $97.50. This is due to the Stripe fee, which for non-American Express transactions is 2.2% of the total donation plus $0.30 per transaction. See our Terms of Service for more details regarding Stripe processing fees.

Play It Forward saves charities money by not charging a platform fee.

We are proud to offer a free fundraising platform for our musicians and donors!

A Note to Artists

We are happy to help guide you through the process of choosing a worthy charity! We form partnerships with charities that will promote you to their social media followers and in their e-mail blasts/newsletters. E-mail steve@playitforward.com to request assistance in choosing a charity!

When uploading your tracks to PlayItForward.com, you retain all rights to your music and sound recordings. Posting your tracks here does not exclude you from selling them elsewhere. In fact, we encourage it; we believe that posting a few songs on PIF will help promote the sale of your tracks on other sites! Play it Forward also reserves the right to use any copy and visual/video content uploaded to your Artist and/or Project page for promotional purposes to help spread the word! Make sure you check out our Terms of Service for all the details about our social media conditions.

Please contact steve@playitforward.com if you have any questions, requests, or if PIF can help you out with your musical endeavors. We greatly appreciate your generosity and participation in our program and are committed to doing all we can to play your music forward!