Mama Magnolia

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Mama Magnolia blossomed from the kindred desire of six musicians to never stop falling in love with music. With a rare musical chemistry and uninhibited creativity, the musical family has emerged from the Colorado music scene with a fiery fusion of soul, jazz, funk, blues and rock. With danceable numbers featuring funky rhythms and explosive horns to cathartic tunes complete with sizzling solos and sumptuous harmonies, a Mama Magnolia performance is not only an immersive, visceral experience, but a family gathering. Each show is a unique collaboration between performers and audience. Fans walk away from each performance with hearts full of gratitude, heads full of melodies, and a memorable experience all their own.

About "There's a Livin'" (from Musicians for Peace album):
This song was written as a call to action - if you see someone treating someone else with hate instead of love, it is your right as a human to say something, do something, and make a positive difference.