LionsDen and the WP

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We are a very powerful duo who is always advancing our minds and hearts to heal everyone in the world through music. We have many songs that talk about deeply about transgender rights, racism, African culture, Israeli/Palestinian conflict, mental health like depression, anxiety, etc,. and many more topics. All of these songs we have inspired from our lives, others stories, and the current political conflict we see in America and especially other parts in the world. The anti-establishment attitudes of punk, the beautiful melancholy poetry of Joy Division and Type O Negative, the sweet comfort of Sigur Ros, and will of Lou Reed flows through every note we play. No one can copy our blend of punk driven, alternative cantor with African beats. It is time for the world to change and expect wonderful years of peaceful realism with great love and understanding. Please follow our music on Instagram: lionsden_band and check us out on Spotify and Apple Music as LionsDen and the White People.

Projects by LionsDen and the WP

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    LionsDen and the WP

    End Violence Against Women