Stephen Reynolds

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Stephen Reynolds writes and performs original Christian "root/rock/reggae" music. He is a gifted and unique worship leader, introducing each song with a story, a lesson, and often a laugh, carefully balancing adoration for Jesus (our "best friend") with irreverence for the patterns of this world as he sees it. Stephen is a prophet that pierces through the faded and irrelevant disguises of modern Christian society; stripping cheesy and poked-at campfire sing-alongs like "Kum ba yah" back down to their bluesy-reggae, spiritual roots, breathing new and vibrant life into songs that lost their impact for Christ. Stephen grew up surrounded by agnostics and a secular music culture, resulting in his bringing a cutting-edge guitar and vocal technique to his Christian songs. He found out first hand what it means to be lost and then found again in a world that finds itself in a time of great need; Stephen, in his extreme weakness, has found Christ's strength to bestowed lavishly on His "warrior".