Flood Waters EP

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Play It Forward!

Never in Love


  1. Never in Love
  2. Tear It All Down
  3. Bend
  4. Gospel Truth
  5. Fire Next Time
  6. Why Are You Trying to Break My Heart?

Flood Waters EP is the debut recording from THE BREAKS. Recorded at Sisterly Silence, the songs are a mix of rock, pop, and blues with themes of love, loss, and human frailty. THE BREAKS includes Alvin Payne on drums, Camille Morhardt on bass, Jeffrey Keddie on vocals, David Robinson on guitar, and Mike Labbee on guitar and keys.

THE BREAKS are supporting local non-profit Ethos with the proceeds from the Flood Waters EP. Ethos is dedicated to the promotion of music and music-based education for youth in underserved communities. Ethos believes that all children deserve access to music education, regardless of socioeconomic status, geographic location, race, ethnicity, religious belief, country of origin, abilities or disabilities, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Ethos’s three principle programs are Music Lessons For Kids, Music Corps, and Music Across Oregon. Music Lessons for Kids offers group classes, private lessons, and summer camps at the North Portland headquarters. Roughly 30% of the students qualify for our discounted rates based on their participation in the Free and Reduced Lunch program, a federal indicator of poverty. This program makes lessons accessible to families who cannot afford market rates for music instruction.

Music Corps is the urban outreach program, providing after-school classes in low-income Portland-area schools. For many students, transportation is a barrier to extra-curricular activities, so Ethos brings music to them.

Music Across Oregon is the rural outreach program, in which 10 AmeriCorps members provide direct and sustained music instruction during the school day in rural districts across the state. All programs and operations are based out of Ethos's headquarters, which houses the administrative office and recital hall, along with 13 classrooms and storage space for our collection of donated instruments that are rented at minimal cost to students.