Make Believe

By Nessa Dove. Donations go to Hungry for Music.


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Play It Forward!

Here We Go


  1. Here We Go
  2. Make Believe

All revenue from this project goes to the "Hungry For Music" Charity.
I remember being a young teen and longing for various musical instruments to express my creativity. My first obsession was a drum set. I wanted one so badly and would cross my fingers every christmas and beg my parents endlessly. I then started drawing drum sets in class and believing that I would have one soon. Eventually my parents bought me one from one of my middle school teachers. I was ecstatic!! I can not imagine being deprived of the joy of creating music. I would wish the same for any kid who has the same desire to play an instrument. I really love what "Hungry for Music" is doing by providing instruments to individual children who can't afford them. They also give instruments to music teachers in low income areas for their students. I want to support this awesome cause. I'm donating my songs "Here We Go" and "Make Believe". I hope you enjoy and can support this charity with your donations!