Hope for Ukraine

By Mike Nilles. Donations go to HOPE FOR UKRAINE.


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Play It Forward!

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Everthing You Ever Loved


  1. Everything You've Ever Loved

Soon after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I was listening to the heartbreaking stories of Ukrainian refugees as they were forced to flee their homes and, for many, their homeland with little warning. The next day, a song came to me, “Everything You’ve Ever Loved”, in which I tried to express the emotions of those panicked exiles. I was hoping I could make the song beneficial somehow to those suffering from this war. I kept hoping that the conflict would end quickly but it is as bad now as ever. So, two years later, by chance, I came across this site, PlayItForward.com, which is all about “Music for a Cause”. I have uploaded the song and it's for sale for anyone to download. 100% of the donations will go to the very highly-rated non-profit charity, HOPE FOR UKRAINE, that is working directly in that area on behalf of the refugees and other sufferers. Please consider helping these dispersed families and all those enduring hardships during this terrible war, and, spreading the word on this project. MANY THANKS!!