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  1. Mislead: From Defilement to Consecration
  2. Coagulation I: Lunar Body
  3. Coagulation II: Solar Body

Transfiguring the Divine Manifestation I: Nothing Will Get Better Unless We Try

The Transfiguration Trilogy represents a well-intentioned symphonic black metal-driven quest with a minimalist approach to vocals for power, augmentation, and to heal ourselves that is influenced by Hermetic Alchemy. Drawing influences from punk rock vibrations this release is a flawed attempt to uplift and inspire rather than an academic exercise on darkness, evil, hate, caustic forces, and self-loathing. Feel free to reach out with questions about how this project was made.

Part II will explore how Vulnerability is the eternal victor over Augmentation in a personification of how this healing can be different than we thought it would be. With the artist behind September Rains being both non-binary and neurodivergent both parts of the trilogy thus far tie into the purpose of the means of distribution of the first installment of this project is to raise money for a non-profit that is already creating and will continue to create a better future for TGI individuals, their communities, and their families by providing safe spaces for medical support for people to feel more like themselves, social service referrals, community outreach, social and financial justice, and more!

drums based on pre-recorded segments from Ron D. Rock and Toni Kakko

images for album covers generated with StarryAI fusing digital matte paintings and as the AI insists, portratiure; inspired by Karol Bak, Alyssa Monks, Seb McKinnon, Ismali Inceoglu, H.R. Giger, and Gustave Dore