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Play It Forward!

Concert preview


  1. Four sets of live Indian Raga music

Colors of Raga: A deep listening experience with Indian Classical Music

A Benefit Concert for the Hudson Festival Orchestra
in Collaboration with Brooklyn Raga Massive


Eric Fraser, bansuri
Eric Fraser's training in Indian classical music on the bansuri flute occurred in the Guru-Sishya Parampara tradition, meaning that he received training in Indian classical music while living with his teacher (Guru - late Pandit Gopal Roy), in Kolkata, India. Eric has received extensive taleem (oral teachings) and his flute playing conveys a purity of tone, authenticity, and tradition. The "sur" (tone and tune) of Eric's flute lineage has a unique sound in the landscape of Indian music, telling the story of an old-world Kolkata vibe through a gayaki ang or "singing style" of bansuri flute.

Ehren Hanson, tabla
Ehren Hanson is a professional NYC-based tabla player. He began learning tabla at age 15 and in 2000, he became a disciple of legendary tabla maestro Pandit Anindo Chatterjee, with whom he has been a dedicated disciple ever since. His early training was from Misha Masud, and he has had the fortune of also receiving taleem from Ray Spiegel of Panjab gharana.

Abhik Mukherjee, sitar
Abhik Mukherjee is an Indian classical sitar artist of the Etawah gharana known for his passion, charisma, and spontaneity as a performer and improviser. He received his musical training from Pandit Arvind Parikh and Pandit Kashinath Mukherjee, themselves the disciples of the legendary Ustad Vilayat Khan. Abhik began his sitar training at the age of six in Kolkata, India under the guidance of his father. His first performance was at the age of nine at the Governor’s House in Kolkata.

Dibyarka Chatterjee, tabla
Dibyarka Chatterjee is the son and disciple of Pandit Samir Chatterjee, and as such represents the Farrukhabad Gharana of tabla playing. Having grown up in a musical environment, his natural inclination towards Tabla became apparent early in his childhood. At the age of five he was initiated by his father into the ancient system of pedagogy called the guru-shishya parampara (master-disciple tradition).