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disco hors d'oeuvres


  1. the betrayed confidence - amnesiac
  2. christopher robin shelley - caren's guitar
  3. crs - carnival dance
  4. the betrayed confidence - catharsis
  5. the homegrown invasion - disco hors d'oeuvres
  6. crs - do re me
  7. crs - dorm room 1
  8. crs - dorm room 2
  9. crs - my famous rock song
  10. crs - ferret depression then wistfulness then joy
  11. crs - greg's 4-track
  12. crs - i want to fall in love with a girl who likes to dance real fast
  13. crs - piano piece
  14. blood - midnight
  15. the infamous mark g davis - fire
  16. crs - write me a song uhhhh ok
  17. smart fellers - grease monkey
  18. crs - girlfriend
  19. crs - happy munchkins love to dance

this compilation represents the first years of my studio/label, redhouse recordings. the music featured is from various bands that i was once a part of or my own solo music.

i'm releasing this because i've given up on being a musician. i just can't do it anymore. i still like music, but it became a burden to me a long time ago. i wanted to post the lot of songs that i helped create over the first 15 or so years recording music.

a lot of these tracks are not in good sonic condition. some are from 4-track cassettes that have either degraded over time or were transferred poorly to digital.

this is more of a documentation of times in my life than a music release. music has always been important to me.

the songs are released in two separate volumes.