Peace at Christmas

By James Delsono. Donations go to War Child USA.


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Play It Forward!

Postcards at Christmas


  1. Ave Maria
  2. I Love You (Always)
  3. Where is Jesus?
  4. Bring Peace Tonight (A Child's Prayer)
  5. Milly Anne
  6. Dance
  7. Tango
  8. Mercy
  9. Heroes
  10. One More Dance
  11. Up To God
  12. Meditation (Massenet - arr. Delsono)
  13. A Sign of Peace
  14. Full of Grace
  15. If You Were Mine
  16. No Longer With Me
  17. Songs of Glee
  18. A Dream
  19. Perhaps
  20. Postcards at Christmas

Dear friends,

It's Christmas time, once more - and, alike a legendary singer and songwriter once wrote: what have we done? With that question in mind, I thought I would do one of the few things I can do in this world to make a difference - which is, to offer my songs up for a good cause.

I have decided to support War Child because the plight of children in this often cruel world is one close to my heart (as one can see from the lyrics of my first song on this album, "Ave Maria"). And, this time, I have decided to offer up a collection of songs I call my Greatest Hits - the songs that I find are my very best songs, from 2018 (when I first started writing songs, properly) to 2022.

There's something for (hopefully) everyone in this album. Please have a listen to the preview tracks and buy this album - the price is deliberately set at a very low amount, so everyone may be able to contribute by buying it at that minimum price, or paying a little bit more to help the children that War Child helps.

In the name of everyone we can help through this little endeavor of mine - THANK YOU for ALL of your wonderfully kind support.