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  1. #mytime

Florida based singer,Jorie Blake Rosen, is back with her new single, ‘#mytime.’ This song has a theme that will resonate with both kids and adults - bullying. Jorie says, “I wrote this song to inspire everyone. Every person out there should feel free to celebrate who they areand their accomplishments, don’t let bullies make you feel worthless. I want everyone to find their own voice in this world and do what they love. Let this be your time to shine!” The incredible songwriting and storytelling in this song really portray her
anti- bullying message and it is important for everyone of all ages to hear.

She is using her art to make a difference in the world already, and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Jorie’s song ‘#mytime’is out now anywhere music is available. Be sure to follow Jorie Blake Rosen on socials, and keep up with her upcoming music and projects on her website!