OG Works

By OG_Drummer. Donations go to American Red Cross.


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Play It Forward!

Bye Bye Baby


  1. Abbey's Waltz
  2. Abbey's Waltz 2nd version
  3. Bye Bye Baby
  4. Lion and the Unicorn
  5. Blues Medley for vibraphone and mandolin ft. Daniel the Man-iel
  6. Philip Glass' Violin Concerto No. 1 on Marimba and Vibraphone
  7. Simon and Garfunkel's Sound of Silence arranged for Marimba
  8. ObertRavenTest
  9. New Zoomers 3000! Film Score
  10. Epic Music for Car Chase Film Score
  11. J is for jazz
  12. Marimba Concerto for 6 mallets No. 1
  13. Love Dream arranged for Orchestra
  14. I can't change
  15. Minimalist Symphony Prelude
  16. Minimalist Symphony
  17. The lick in 5_4.

13 months ago I released the Llamalbum. Now here is OG Works. You can hear the symphony and a few other songs on my YouTube. If you like it, buy my album. All proceeds go to Red Cross.

I give free drum, piano, and music theory lessons. I'm also going to start collaborating with the wonderful Polytopian musicans. Subscribe to my YouTube to hear future content! https://youtu.be/kL6_hU4aymk

P.S. if you don't like my music please do not punch me when you see me at school (I go to a music school so people will have their opinions about my music lol)