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Play It Forward!

Just Off the Boat


  1. Momentary Loss of Control
  2. Carousel
  3. Miss EM
  4. Cycling With Angels
  5. Just Off the Boat
  6. The Deep Blue Water
  7. SWAN
  8. Twilight Sojourn
  9. Lost in the Minutia
  10. Rain Dance

When I was a kid, I took health and life for granted. I personally didn't know any other kid who didn't feel like there would always be tomorrow. But the reality is that there are children who learn at a very early age there are no promises for tomorrow. The Sunshine Kids Foundation provides opportunities for kids with cancer to be involved in activities healthy kids may easily take for granted. And, with that joy comes hope that can produce results that can't be measured by doctors or medical devices. Please make a donation to help provide more opportunities for children with cancer to experience the joy of having fun and enjoy the experience of feeling carefree. Encourage these children to celebrate life!