So Much Lonely


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So Much Lonely


  1. So Much Lonely

Vocalist: James Chappell III.
Musical performances, recording, mixing and mastering: Panda Productions of Nashville.
Songwriter: Bill Tuck

The L.A. Education Recovery Fund, managed by Great Public Schools Now, directs urgently-needed resources to our most vulnerable children to help them overcome the unprecedented educational, mental health, and social impacts of the pandemic.

LAUSD’s year-long school closures had a catastrophic impact on students in low-income communities. Without in-person instruction, reliable internet, interaction with peers, or access to enrichment, students lost months of learning. Prolonged isolation, food and financial insecurity and exposure to death and illness created a parallel mental health crisis.

66% of LAUSD students are now behind in math and literacy (Los Angeles Times)

45% of California youth ages 12-17 reported mental health struggles during the pandemic (UCLA)

70% of after-school/enrichment providers closed (EdSurge)

By funding proven nonprofits and coordinating with LAUSD, the City of LA, and other agencies, the L.A. Education Recovery Fund provides our most vulnerable children with access to the supports and services they need to recover. To maximize our impact, we focus on three areas:
1) Learning Loss Recovery: High-dosage tutoring, targeted academic support.
2) Mental Health Services: Counseling, social-emotional programs.
3) Enrichment & Development: After-school and summer programs, art, music, college and career navigation.

We started with summer: The L.A. Education Recovery Fund partnered with LAUSD and funded 72 nonprofits to help provide every child living in a low-income neighborhood in Los Angeles with access to a free summer camp close to their home for the first time. 30,000 children attended free summer camps.

Projects currently being funded include:
Providing tutoring for students currently unhoused.
Bringing college advisors to more students living in public housing.
Enabling students who are hearing-impaired to get additional academic support and language therapy.

For more information, visit