Life is like a donut...

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Life is like a donut...


  1. Life is like a donut...

2020 was a problematic year to say the least. One that tore us apart, literally and figuratively. And as if a widespread pandemic of global scale along with political turmoil and social unrest weren’t enough, there were many local and regional extreme climate events; wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and droughts, adding to an already tough year. The year also brought about immense change, virtually overnight, as our lives at work, our work at home and our home lives were concerned. Despite the few bright moments, in the rising cacophony of crises, it was hard to reconcile the losses; the loss of security blankets, loss of civility and discourse, to the grave loss of lives and livelihoods.

Hindsight 20/20, it was also a year that led to tremendous reflection. It forced many of us to adjust to new priorities, confront our biases and acknowledge our roles in the crises that were unfolding. In many ways it forced a reckoning, as virtually all of us felt the individual anxiety, experienced collective grief and grasped for eternal hope. 2020 also forced me to dig deep into my own pockets of privilege. This song is my attempt to memorialize the year as we approach the anniversary of the onset of the social justice awakening right here in Twin Cities.

Life is like a donut… there’ll always be a hole. 2020 may have created a void in our lives but like the donut metaphor this hole also serves to make us whole. We can all step up and support each other. Hope for the future can fill our hearts as we find strength in solidarity.

Thanks to local musician Mark Arneson, for providing his services to bring to life, my lyrics, and my vision for the song. Ever since I wrote the song, I have imagined it sung by many famous artists, never by me… I don’t think of myself as a singer! Mark’s encouragement coaxed me to step outside my comfort zone for a good cause and give voice to it myself, lest it never sees the light of the day. Thanks also to my family and many fellow 3Mers for supporting this initiative to raise funds for those in need.

You can make a minimum donation of $10 or as much as you would like to contribute because my goal is to raise at least $50,000 for United Way. Please share the fundraising effort widely by clicking on the social media icons to spread the word and help the cause.

With your donation you will be able to download the song. And I hope the words resonate. With all that is going on around us, it might just feel like the anthem the world needs.

And do share… the song and a donut.


About United Way:
Our mission is to unite as Changemakers, advocate for social good and develop solutions to address the challenges no one can solve alone.