Ladder to The Sky

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Ladder To The Sky


  1. Ladder To The Sky

This song was inspired by my son Jace who woke up one morning and whispered in my ear, “daddy, what if I built a ladder to the sky, so I could go see mommy whenever I wanted.” I wrote this song 3 years ago, 6 months after my wife Amie passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. Jace and I are so proud of this song and now it is finally recorded with the help of some amazing local musicians. I always had the idea of using a song to raise money for an organization that helps kids that have lost a parent, so that is why I chose the Park Nicollet Foundation’s Growing Through Grief Program. My son Jace and daughter EmmyLu have been a part of the Growing Through Grief program for 2 years and I have seen first hand the impact it has made on their growth and resilience.

You can make a minimum donation of $10 or as much as you would like to contribute to this wonderful organization. For your donation, you will get a download of the song “Ladder To The Sky.”

During their school years, more than 60,000 children and teens in Minnesota will experience the death of a parent or sibling. Grief is difficult to understand at any age. As a young person navigating the challenges of school and peer relationships, having a loved one die can make those routine challenges completely overwhelming. Growing Through Grief offers intensive, in-school support to elementary, middle and high school students coping with the death of a loved one.

Growing Through Grief was established to provide grief support for children and teens, meeting them where they are in their process. More than 80% of participants said the program helped them concentrate in class. In addition, 95% or more said they improved their knowledge of grief, gained better coping skills and would refer a friend to the program.

Grief doesn’t have to be isolating. Growing Through Grief gives children and teens a safe space where they can share their feelings, get expert counseling and realize they’re not alone.

Below you can watch the “Ladder To The Sky” video Jace helped me put together with pictures of his mommy.