Power of 4

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Play It Forward!

Power of 4


  1. Power of 4

Becca Frame and the Tall Boys know how to rock the house! Their robust mix of blues, soul, rock, and funk paired with their embracing lyrics create a unique fulfilling sound you can’t get enough of. Their beautiful smokey lead vocals (Becca Frame) and soulful energetic rocking lead guitar (Brain Shafer), unique bass lines (Dan Colon) and polished funky percussion work (Steve O’Connell) will have you hooked. Each member is a true master of their craft and together they create an energy and music we all want to be a part of.

The band created this song for a Beta exercise program of Tony Horton's called "The Power of 4", and for the Power Nation Family. In addition to creating the song, they wanted to make it very meaningful, wanting to find a way to support an incredible organization like the Go Campaign. Play it Forward makes it possible for 100% of the proceeds to go directly to the Go Campaign!

We believe every child deserves the right to opportunity. Opportunity to education, to medical care, to shelter, to food and clean water, to enrichment… to a fair chance in life.

Founded in 2006, GO Campaign improves the lives of vulnerable children around the world by partnering with local heroes to deliver local solutions. GO Campaign connects donors to high-impact grassroots projects aimed at changing lives and transforming communities, one child at a time.

Becca Frame and the Tall Boy's You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfzLROsVgk0LEemJaCXT5vg