Mother and Child of Color

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Play It Forward!

1by1 full album


  1. 1. Clothes for Chirstmas part 1 (in English) 2. Clothes for Christmas part 2 (in English) 3. Clothes for Chirstmas part 3 (in English) 4. Paralized Arms part 1 (in English) 5. Parlized Arms 2 (in English) 6. Introduction of corporate identity (in Bangla) 7. Lipstick beyond Google (in English) (free with the album <3)

My name is Aniruddah Andalib. however, I am known as 1by1 in the music community.

1by1 is not only my name, it is also my vision, mission and goals. everything you can ever dream of is possible if you move towards it with baby steps, 1 by 1.

My goal is to support Mother and Child of color. life is not easy when you are a mother of a child facing discrimination from society, poverty, violence, sexual harassment and glass sealings ceiling. if only that was the end of it! they face racism, they are not taken seriously, they are less likely to grab what should be theirs from the start.

a woman nor child is weak. on the contrary, they are the strongest among all of us. there is no job tougher than raising a child. as for the child, he or she has to learn more than P.H.D sudents.

Please heed my words. if you want to change the world, start at the grass route. the grass route of society, economy, humanity and civilization itself is mother and child.

so if you wish to contribute to change the world, support mother and child. everything else that you wish to help will be benefited if you hit the primary cause of all world problems.

God bless you. enjoy my music.

The official music video is for entertainment and educational value. it first showcases my own child, then my art work, finally a lecture on corporate identity. however, it is best to download from PLAYITFORWARD.COM for the best audio quality.

Email me at to get the official music video for free

Project updates

  • Aug 29, 2020

    email change

    I will give you the official music video if you request it. however this offer is only for the donors.

    lots of love