Season Of Love


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Season Of Love


  1. Season Of Love
  2. Season Of Love (Instrumental)

We wrote a song about the "Season of love" - about how great Christmas time can be when you come together as a family: to laugh, to hug, to eat, to share - to LOVE. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have this experience.

With about 1000 homeless people in our 45.000 soul town Venice Beach many poor people face huge challenges. It is a harsh contrast of American life - million dollar homes and tents on the side walk.

St Joseph Center is a non profit that does amazing work for low-income and homeless people. They feed them daily at the "Bread & Roses", right around the corner from where we live. They train people to become chefs - with stunning result. They have a commendable outreach program that empowers people to get back on their feet and take care of themselves.

Donate what you can. You get the song and the instrumental! Every amount counts. You make a huge difference.

Let's turn this Christmas into a season of love for everyone!