Greatest Hits

By James Delsono. Donations go to UNICEF USA.


Minimum donation is $10. Any amount above $10 is tax-deductible. 100% of project proceeds go to UNICEF USA. James Delsono will be notified of your name and donation amount.

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Play It Forward!

Ave Maria


  1. Ave Maria
  2. I Love You - Always
  3. A Sign of Peace
  4. We Could Have Really Had It All
  5. Letter
  6. Heroes
  7. I Can't Go Back
  8. The Servant
  9. No More Evening Prayers
  10. To Write A Love Song
  11. To Write A Love Song (instrumental only)

UNICEF USA is one of the most prominent non-profit organisations to work for the welfare of children in the United States of America - it therefore is a cause I find worthy and close to my heart.

The first song on this album, called "Ave Maria", was especially written with the thought of welfare of children across the world in my mind ... which is why I think that it, and the album it is part of, is a great fit to support such a worthy cause.

The rest of the songs in this album are all part of my "Greatest Hits" album ... a careful selection of the very best ten songs I have ever written. I offer them all gladly to you if you will help me make a small difference in this world.

Thank you.