Musicians for Peace


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Song Samples


  1. There's a Livin' - Mama Magnolia
  2. Only Us - Wasteland Hop
  3. Roula - Trisha Adams (with Nat Smith & Dustin Ransom)
  4. The Fighters - The Boombachs
  5. Rise - Brett Randell
  6. Jack - Tim Hill (with Stephen Angus)
  7. Train Ride - Choice City Seven
  8. Ease My Worried Mind - Earth & Sky
  9. 100 Year Flood - The Prairie Scholars
  10. Free - Allie Dull (with Parker Anderson & Nolan Ryan Robertson)
  11. Trampoline - Steve Mazza
  12. If You Were In My Shoes - Lauren Stovall of The Railsplitters
  13. Choices - Lee Johnson (with Scott Miller)
  14. Sing - Emma Kieran (LIVE from Fuzz Music Studios; Longmont CO with Stephen Bott & Priscilla Arasaki)

Musicians for Peace benefits the Shropshire Music Foundation. With an eclectic mixture of bands and singer/songwriters from Colorado, Texas, and New York; and 4 original songs written about the world refugee crisis; the album represents generous, talented musicians standing up for peace.

The Shropshire Music Foundation develops youth leadership and capacity for peacemaking and problem-solving in global conflict zones through locally-run, youth-led music education programs. These programs provide opportunities for education, trauma relief, expression, to become role models, and to reduce vulnerability to extremist group participation.