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Play It Forward!

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Pass The Sauce


  1. Pass The Sauce

Been hitting the sauce a lot recently? Quarantines will do that to you. And thankfully, there's a world of spicy, tangy, sweet, smoky, and everything-in-between sauces to elevate your plate, whether you're living off of frozen pizza or you're an extraordinary home chef.

There's a good chance that a lot of the sauces you enjoy come from around Portland, Oregon. The Portland Sauce community is a real thing, a network of producers that support one another

We're happy that our products have been helping you through the blandest moments of your quarantine, but we're also worried about our friends in food who have restaurants, bars, food carts and other businesses that have had to shutter with no clear idea of when and what reopening will look like. Recently, a cohort of Portland sauce-makers wanted to do something for our friends in the restaurant industry. So we wrote a song. And shot a video. Now, we're asking for your help. Download "Pass The Sauce" and support Family Meal, a nonprofit providing financial relief to Oregon food service and agricultural workers impacted by medical debt and COVID-19.