The Earth's Chorus

By Salem Belladonna. Donations go to Greenpeace Fund.


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human:nature (preview)


  1. human:nature

Hi there. Take a seat. I’ve got some news for you: we’re in the middle of a climate crisis. Bad human habits such as deforestation, pollution, and fossil fuel dependency are changing our world as we know it: freak superstorms, rising sea levels, mass animal extinctions…

Luckily for us, we know how to fix this. Even luckier: we have everything we need to start immediately. But we have to *choose to act*. And we have to do it now.

Greenpeace has a long history of defending the planet against destructive forces ranging from nukes to straws. The organization has secured countless victories, including successfully stopping multiple nuclear tests, putting an end to mass commercial whaling, and getting corporate supergiants like McDonalds to cease clear-cutting our ancient rainforests.

Having had the opportunity to work for Greenpeace before COVID-19 transformed our lives, I can point to one key factor which makes this unique organization especially effective: it is completely independent. Greenpeace is actually the *largest independent environmental organization in the world,* which means that it doesn't take a dime from governments or corporations. The victories that Greenpeace secures are funded and fought for entirely by the millions of individuals who have each made the choice to act.

A chorus of one million voices is assembled a single singer at a time. Add your voice to The Earth’s Chorus by making a donation to the Greenpeace Fund. In return, I would love to share my voice with you via a downloadable copy of my song, “human:nature.” I hope you’ll feel inspired to sing along and let your voice be heard.