Fighting Fire Charity LP

By Fighting Fire. Donations go to Red Cross Australia.


Minimum donation is $4. Any amount above $4 is tax-deductible. 100% of project proceeds go to Red Cross Australia. Fighting Fire will be notified of your name and donation amount.

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Play It Forward!

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Philth - Rain Dance


  1. Bally & Boom - Faith ft. Jay Marwaha
  2. Creatures - Inflicted
  3. Equilibr1um - Burning Forests
  4. False Relation - Accidental Session
  5. Freshney - Amber
  6. Handsprime - Watch the Tapes
  7. HD - Liminal
  8. Incus - Contemplate
  9. Jimi Reborn - The Forfeit
  10. KOAX & Sublimit - Chatoyancy
  11. LoKo - Sending Love
  12. M:FX - Home ft. Embr
  13. missledz - Ember
  14. Moose - Otherside
  15. N-MON1C - Structure
  16. Philth - Rain Dance
  17. Screamarts - Coming Through
  18. Serpico (Philth & Volatile Cycle) - Connoisseur
  19. SMP - Lyra
  20. Transforma - Blood Red Sky

Fighting Fire: Relief for Australia is an initiative to raise money to support fire fighters and the communities affected by the current bushfire crisis in Australia.

The project involved the coordination and release of a collaborative drum and bass LP hosted on Play it Forward.

The money raised will be donated to Red Cross Australia. Red Cross provide psychological first aid (among other support) for those affected by events like severe bushfires.

Mental health is a big topic in the music scene and the psychological impact of a traumatic event such as that in Australia would be undoubtedly devastating.

Donating to the Red Cross will directly assist fire fighters, their families and communities in healing and rebuilding following this devastating time.

Artists involved in the project include Bally & Boom, Creatures, Embr, Equilibr1um, False Relation, Freshney, Handsprime, HD, Incus, Jay Marwaha, Jimi Reborn, KOAX, LoKo, M:FX, missledz, Moose, N-MON1C, Philth, Screamarts, Serpico (Philth & Volatile Cycle), SMP, Sublimit and Transforma.  It's been a pleasure to have them involved and we thank them for their contributions. Mark (Abis) kindly offered to master any tracks that were unmastered, which we are very grateful for.

The full LP is available via the Donate to Download link. Please consider donating to download the release and supporting this important cause.