Ring Those Bells

By M.T. Walker. Donations go to Inn From the Cold.


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Play It Forward!

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Ring Those Bells


  1. Ring Those Bells

In November I wrote a holiday song for my Grade 3 music class to perform at our school holiday concert. After hearing my students sing my song it felt way more special! A few days later I got my band into the studio and we recorded it! The song is a special one so I've decided to donate all the proceeds to a charity in my community, I decided to donate the proceeds to "Inn From the Cold" Newmarket. Hope you enjoy the song and please give generously!

Produced and mixed by Ben Pelchat
Mastered by Joao Carvalho
Song written by Michael Walker
Photography and Artwork by Rosanne Baker Thornley

Michael Walker-Vocals and Acoustic Guitars, and glockenspiel
Andrew Walker- Electric guitar, vocals, mandolin
Max Kennedy- Drums, vocals
Rosanne Baker Thornley- Vocals
Ben Pelchat- Bass, piano, organ, glockenspiel, percussion