ABCT 50th Anniv. Album

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Play It Forward!



  1. Here's to a New Year - David Juncos Psy.D.
  2. Departed Trains - Reed Kendall
  3. October - Jon Abramowitz Ph.D.
  4. High by Dennis Tirch Ph.D.
  5. Song for Ireland - Elizabeth Hall Ed.D. Ph.D.
  6. Super's Wake - Faux Bear (Jon Comer Ph.D. - Tony Puliafico Ph.D. - Jose Soler-Baillo M.A. - Tim Verduin Ph.D.)
  7. We are Talking about Psychological Flexibility - The Stone Document (Featuring Steve Hayes Ph.D. and Dennis Tirch Ph.D.)
  8. The Sound of the World Around You - Aaron Fisher Ph.D.
  9. No One in Mind - Adam Lamotte M.A.
  10. Love & Exposure - Steve Mazza M.A.
  11. Beautiful - Jaimie Lunsford B.S.
  12. My Darling Shannon - Jon Hershfield MFT
  13. Heartache Runs in the Family - Jerome Yoman Ph.D. ABPP
  14. When I'm with You - Sam Kramer M.A.

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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT), Play It Forward has released a compilation album featuring 14 songs written and performed by ABCT members. Proceeds go to the ABCT student research grant and travel award funds.

DISCLAIMER: ABCT thanks these artists for their contributions to our commemorative album. The songs, lyrics, and views expressed herein are those of the artists and not necessarily those of ABCT.