"Story" for Team for Kids

By Dan Emino. Donations go to NYRR Team For Kids.


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Play It Forward!

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  1. Story

My friend and collaborator Colleen O'Connor has set out to run the New York City Marathon. In 2013, Colleen asked me to write the music for the sold out run of her one woman show 'Sexless in the Boroughs.' While working together we both realized how important and healing telling stories truly are and thus 'Story' was born. Now, many years and many stories later we have both found ourselves working together again to make a difference through the power of storytelling. Colleen is running the New York City Marathon with the charity "Team for Kids" (which helps fund health and wellness programs for over 250,000 kids and teens nationwide.) What better way to help her raise money for this cause than to release the song that brought our voices together?

By donating and listening to our song, you are completing the puzzle that connects all of our stories together.

Thank You.