Jorie Blake Rosen

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Last spring when the world shut down cause of a pandemic, 9 year old Jorie Blake Rosen world turned upside down. Like many kids, no school, no playdates and no camp. But Jorie also lost something else, her outlet to perform. Jorie has worked in stage, film and TV since a young age and when we became home bound Jorie lost the production of Bye Bye Birdie she was in, two films she had booked (one had been canceled and now one she has outgrown the role for) and a big Broadway opportunity was on the horizon. Finding a way to cope, Jorie started writing down her feelings in a journal, which eventually turned into songs. She developed a love for songwriting, which became a wonderful creative outlet for her. Encouraged by her mentors to produce one of her songs, she went for it and Make Your Own Music became her first single. She wrote the song to inspire others to follow there passion in life. Go Make Your Own Music! Find your own voice!

Projects by Jorie Blake Rosen