R Van Jekich

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Robert Van Jekich is a Boise, Idaho resident & musician who has a passion for creating, playing and recording music. Operating mostly as a studio project, he writes songs that appeal to the soul. His compositions offer rich, dynamic instrumentation and vocals that weave a lyrical fabric of music. His intention is to take the listener on their own individualized musical voyage. His debut album, "Further Down the Path," has garnered favorable reviews through digital distribution sites and through local sales. This "industry feedback' best describes his style: "I was hearing some interesting influences among your own musical creativity. A little Genesis (pre-Foxtrot)…as well as some PFM, Gentle Giant and …even a little Strawbs…thanks for the music". Geo Warner - on-air personality, KUSP Public Radio, Santa Cruz, CA.” "Jek" also produced soundtracks for award-winning local films and provided narration for community events and PSA's promoting Boise's wonderful lifestyle.

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