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Becca Frame and the Tall Boys know how to rock the house! With only four band members, their live performance creates a robust mix of blues, soul, rock, and funk. They have it all. Each member is a master of their craft, and together their polished sets and insane musicianship get the audience is on their feet with a resounding “Yes”!

Becca Frame’s captivating beautiful smokey lead vocals and will grab your attention and carry you away. Brian Shafer, lead guitarist is one of the best guitarist you will ever see live. His talented smooth style from the blues to rocking improve solos, fills the room with energy. Bassist Dan Colon, brings a unique, intriguing style that brings the music full circle. To say he is a perfectionist is well,’s true. Drummer Steve O’Connell will amaze you!! Steve pushes his rhythm to new heights even when sitting down behind the kit. His smooth yet polished style drives people the dance floor. Steve makes it look easy.

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