Emma Kieran

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Emma Kieran is a Colorado-based pop and folk singer/songwriter who loves sharing a message of hope and healing to diverse audiences of all ages. She is entering her senior year of high school in Fall 2017, has been singing since she could talk, and has been playing violin for almost as long. Emma has been songwriting and playing guitar since middle school. Music is a part of her heart and soul, and she is forever dazzled by the ability songwriting has to weave every day stories, hopes, and dreams into a life-fueling musical tapestry. She strives to write songs that can inspire others and ignite positive, peaceful change in the world.

About “Sing” (from Musicians for Peace album): This song was inspired by the many people in our world living in difficult situations, and how music can help bring joy, hope, and healing to them. The song was written for the Shropshire Music Foundation.

Projects by Emma Kieran

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    Emma Kieran

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