The Prairie Scholars

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The Prairie Scholars, formed in 2010, is a songwriting duo from the high plains of Texas currently living and performing in lovely Colorado. The band is made up of husband-and-wife team Andy and Jessica Eppler. Their hyper-prolific songwriting has been captured in all-original albums, which have received glowing local and international reviews. Focused on the Boulder County community, The Prairie Scholars have worked hard to be a benefit to their beloved city of Longmont by bringing in tourism and out-of-town business. A Longmont Times Call feature story said, "The Prairie Scholars have been a community booster ever since they arrived from their native Texas several years ago."

About "100 Year Flood" (from Musicians for Peace album): The song was written by Andy Eppler after the Colorado floods of 2013 to benefit the Longmont Community Foundation and the rebuilding of flood-damaged parts of Longmont, CO. The message of community-building is fitting for this album.