baby step 1

Small 1

Hi My name is "baby step 1". I love communicating basic lessons. these lessons are not needed as they are already part of the human condition. however, i can provoke you and make you spit out the deadly poison. i will get you ready for warfare from an early age if you let me.

My goal though is not warfare. rather, it is peace and love for loved ones across the world. i want a united field for our elephants and other animals to roam around freely. you see, they do not see boarders, only resources like water and grass. the same go for mothers and children of color out of place.

I am baby step 1 and the first baby step is to teach your self what warfare is to protect your love from yourself. the result is freedom, love and happiness.

I will help as long as you help me with my cause. MOTHER AND CHILD OF COLOR

God Bless you all

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