The Boombachs

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The BoomBachs combine hip-hop, jazz, and rock in a way that can only be described as Space Gospel. This term originates from the band's desire to explore beyond the usual chord progressions and lyrical content, to pursue the less explored areas of each genre it draws from. Often compared to The Roots, RH Factor, Muse, and A Tribe Called Quest, the group from Denton, TX combines neck-breaking rhythms with epic soundscapes to create a sound they can truly call their own. This 7-piece band of brothers believes that being in sync personally brings them to a higher performance level, which is evident as they interact on and off stage. The tone of The BoomBachs ranges from uplifting to psychedelic, and tackles topics such as politics, love, existentialism and intergalactic motifs.

About "The Fighters" (from Musicians for Peace album): This song is meant to help inspire those that are going through any type of hardship or personal battle.