Genevieve Toh

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Genevieve was born and raised in Singapore where her musical grounding was formed in classical piano. She moved to New York City in 2014 and began her career as a multi-genre singer-songwriter, prodigiously churning out 3 albums (On My Own Terms, Whole and Presence) , an EP (Glory Day) and 2 singles (Ballet Boy, I Will Not Hide) within 3 years. The more she created, the more she felt led to step fully into her identity as a Christian artist. Today, Genevieve conveys her art with a passionate voice and follows her calling as a singer for the Lord with bold faith and joyful confidence in His Presence. In addition, she shares her joy and craft as a dedicated voice coach and mentor to countless other singers and aspiring musicians. Genevieve currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her beautiful family. Dangerous + Safe is Genevieve’s latest work released in April 2020.

Projects by Genevieve Toh