Jodie Erica

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"What do we do when everything turns to black" "I've got to Fight For Me!"

Jodie Erica is a soulful and passionate singer, her style is an enthused mix of RNB, Soul and some occasional Pop.
Having released her first EP making a firm announcement of being an independent artist, she has gone on to release a further single and collaborated with other artists such as Life of Remedy, releasing a single called 'DEEPER' which has received amazing feedback and love from both of their supporters. They also released a music video on Youtube for 'DEEPER' on the 14.02.20 for Valentine's day, Jodie has since been working on her own latest music to release.

Jodie Erica has now released her newest soulful addition 'DETRIMENT' to express the importance of the major disasters happening in our world today.

Projects by Jodie Erica

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    Jodie Erica

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