Tim Wallace

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I write music mainly on acoustic guitar, primarily instrumentals influenced by the folk and world music genres. If you enjoy my music then please consider donating to support the NMO charity.

NMO (neuromyelitis optica) is a rare and serious neurological condition of the central nervous system, affecting mainly the optic nerves and spinal cord. I was diagnosed with NMO myself in 2016. When it struck I became almost totally blind within a few days. Emergency hospital admission and treatment with very high dosage intravenous steroids followed. I remain on long-term steroid usage to manage the condition, but suffered a relapse and emergency admission again a few months after diagnosis. Over time my sight has recovered good functioning but I am very fortunate. Some of the nerve damage is permanent and will never fully recover.

NMO has had a profound impact on my life and those of fellow sufferers. Please consider donating to help the charity tackle this terrible disease. Thank you!

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