Nessa Dove

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Nessa Dove is a Canadian born, NYC based Singer/Songwriter/Musician with a diverse East African heritage. Her sprinkle of sweet, hint of raw, and dash of unconventional spews out a delicious Rock/Pop/Alternative blend with a lot of Soul. Nessa writes, arranges, produces most of her music and loves the electric guitar. She's a gal who can play some mean guitar while pulling you in with her sweet melodies, vocals and catchy hooks. Nessa rocks out with her heart and soul and can be found performing at various venues around New York City. You can find her EP "Here We Go" online and she has new releases on the way.

Nessa has always been passionate about music and knows the power it has to unite, inspire and uplift. She loves the idea of being able to use her music to make a positive change in people's lives. She hopes more people will "play it forward" through music, donations and however they can to support worthy causes, help those in need and to spread some love.

Projects by Nessa Dove